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Willow Spring Beer IS Orange!


The first brewery in Orange VA is now pouring its own in-house hand-crafted beers! Inspired by Willow Spring’s crystal clear water, bubbling from a hidden spring in Orange County which has provided refreshment to man and wildlife alike for hundreds of years, our beers are all brewed using local water sources nature has graciously provided to us.


Owned by and located in the back room of The Light Well restaurant, (110 E Main St Orange VA, ), Willow Spring Brewery is now in operation.  Brewer Dave Ganoe, also the chef of the Light Well, is currently offering 4 original recipes.


The flagship brew, The Fat Nancy, an American Style pale ale, commemorates an 1888 train wreck which occurred just west of Orange. A wooden trestle collapsed and several passengers were lost. “Nancy” was the trestle watcher and sadly not at home the day of the crash.


Second is the Mad Jimmy – named after Orange County’s favorite son, President James Madison.  Brew Master Ganoe carefully crafts every batch of this double IPA. Hoppy up-front flavors, with an extremely smooth finish, is the trademark of this lovely “bitter”. Great with food or as a way to unwind at the end of a long day!


Next we offer our own Rapid Ann Rye, a red ale named after our lovely Rapidan River, one of the premier headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay and the drinking water source of the surrounding counties. Water sourced from the Rapidan sets this ale apart from all other local brews. The unusual use of rye as the base grain makes this very drinkable red ale unique.


The newest addition to our 12 tap system is Chicken Mountain Stout, a unique dark beer made with locally harvested chicory. A lovely, smooth, 5% ABV stout with a wonderful full-bodied flavor is reminiscent of the finest European offerings. A Happy Hour favorite!


Limited quantities make these beers very sought after by locals and tourists alike. So stop by the Light Well and taste for yourself, and give a hearty toast to the history of Orange VA.